Skype Link Up

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My class had a skype call with David from Chicago U.S.A who is a weather chaser in his spare time. He talked to us about what his hobby involves, all the different types of natural disaster storms he has chased and he also taught us the names of clouds and what they look like.

Semester One

This semester has been really fun. I have enjoyed playing school netball and my school came second overall. I enjoyed my school sports day. I got to the next level and came first in long jump. I also really enjoyed cooking classes at school.

Drinking water podcast

Here is my script for our podcast about drinking water that is going on the German student radio.

Hi my name is Kirsty and I live on a farm. We have two big tanks to collect water at home. Usually we shouldn’t run out but this summer has been really hot and dry. Recently my family has had to switch to bore water because with no rain there’s no water and I don’t like the taste of bore water because of all the minerals and it’s so salty. We have only just started to get some rain so hopefully we aren’t on bore water for much longer.

This is our podcast.

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Apollo Bay

On Friday the 26th of April the Year 8’s from Hawkesdale travelled by bus to Apollo Bay. The bus ride took about three hours so we left at 7:30am  from the college. After a few toilet stops we arrived at Apollo Bay P-12 College. We got off the bus and had a walk around the school for a little while then we got to get our wet suits, got changed then got onto the two mini buses provided and travelled the few minutes to the beach. When we got off the bus some Apollo Bay teachers gave us a little talk then we got to grab a surf board and head down to the beach. We went off in two separate groups, boys and girls, and headed out into the water. I caught a few waves kneeling but I didn’t stand up on any. We surfed for about an hour then got back on the mini buses and headed back to Apollo Bay P-12 College. We got changed and had a BBQ lunch then walked around for a little bit longer. After a little while we went into a building to teach the years 7 and 8 of Apollo Bay how to do stuff on their blogs. When we finished that we got back on the bus and went the three hours back to Hawkesdale. We got back at the Hawkesdale College at about 6:30pm.

I liked surfing at Apollo Bay it was really fun. I can’t wait until we go back there for our camp.

Drinking Water

Drinking water comes from the sky which is rain and runs down the gutter on your roof into your pipes then into the tanks for my house. Drinking water comes from the sky which is rain then it drops into the tanks and goes through the pipes so we can use the bubble taps and other water using things for my school. Drinking water for animals at my farm goes into troughs/underground pipes so they can drink it.

Some issues with drinking water is that if you live in the country like me and you run out you either have to switch to bore water or buy your water which can be annoying. But I would much rather have tank water then town water because it tastes much better.

People can access drinking water at school by the bubble taps, water fountains, taps etc. At home you can access water by taps, shower heads etc. Animals can access drinking water from troughs.

Term 1

In Term one I liked doing the School Swimming sports I didn’t get a place but it was still fun, helping at the primary athletics we sold drinks and slices  and I am looking forward to running in the triathlon and the casual day on the last day of school because everyone has to dress up as something beginning with the first letter of your name but I’m not dressing up.