Escape from Worryville, a letter from one character to another

Dear Hahona,

Hi it’s Thomas. I just wanted to thank you for letting me be friends with you and for helping me with my dad and those bullies at the train station. At first when my dad came to pick me up from your house he was really angry. But then we worked things out at home and it’s okay now.

Thank you for letting me be your friend. Your the only one who has cared aboout me these last few days when times got tough with me and my family. Also thank you for giving me that kids helpline card. It’s helped a lot and taught me how to deal with my problems.

And most of all thank you for helping me with those drunk bullies at the train station and letting me stay at your house even though I was in your garage not your house.



P.S I have stopped smoking and especially stopped burning myself all thanks to you, Hahuna and I am glad you stole and ate those Krispy Kreme Donuts from the staffroom because if you didn’t I wouldn’t know you. So I will say it one last time thank you Hahuna.

One thought on “Escape from Worryville, a letter from one character to another

  1. Hi Kirsty,
    Great work on your letter between characters. Did you enjoy the performance? The actors were very clever to take on all the different roles. What was the highlight of the show for you? I know some of the audience were ver moved by the show – did you feel sad too?

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