Hawkesdale’s Production 2012

On Monday the 29th and Wednesday the 31st Hawkesdale P-12 College held a school production. The play was by Shakespeare and it was called A Winters Tale. I was apart of the play. I was a Bollywood dancer in the summer part of the play.

The play had two sections. First it was the winter section and then the summer section. We had a lot of people who participated in the play because there was a lot of roles to fill.

The play was about the King of Winter and his Queen. The King of Winters brother, the King of Summer came to visit. Before the King of Summer left the King of Winter had him dance with his wife the Queen of Winter. The King of Winter got terribly jealous and sent his wife to jail and his brother to be poisened. When the Queen of Winter was in jail she had a baby. But the King knew it wasn’t his baby so he sent the baby to get murdered in the woods and turned the Queen to a statue. The murderers got scared away by two bears so they dropped the baby and ran. But thankfully for the Queen the baby survived and grew up and ended up falling in love at sixteen years of age to Prince Florezel. The Princes father forbidded it but when he knew the girl was a daughter to the King of Winter he suddenly allowed it. So the King and his daughter Perdita got reunited and the king took Perdita to see her mother at the hall of statues. The King’s servant had some special dust to make the Queen come alive again but she had to know if the King still had faith. But luckly the King did because he missed her dearly. So the Queen came back to life and was glad to see her daughter Perdita. Perdita and Prince Florezel got married and Camillo, the King’s faithful servant, got married to Amelia.

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  1. Great work Kirsty! This is a good recount of the story. I would like to read about how you felt before, during and after the performance. What do you think you learnt from dancing and acting in the production?

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