Drinking Water

Drinking water comes from the sky which is rain and runs down the gutter on your roof into your pipes then into the tanks for my house. Drinking water comes from the sky which is rain then it drops into the tanks and goes through the pipes so we can use the bubble taps and other water using things for my school. Drinking water for animals at my farm goes into troughs/underground pipes so they can drink it.

Some issues with drinking water is that if you live in the country like me and you run out you either have to switch to bore water or buy your water which can be annoying. But I would much rather have tank water then town water because it tastes much better.

People can access drinking water at school by the bubble taps, water fountains, taps etc. At home you can access water by taps, shower heads etc. Animals can access drinking water from troughs.

One thought on “Drinking Water

  1. Thanks for this post, Kirsty. Can you drink your bore water? Our bore water at home is not too bad, but many people cannot drink their bore water as it is salty and full of minerals etc. Do you ever have issues with animals and getting water to them. We ran out of house water on Tuesday but we have another big storage tank to pump across. It has been a long hot dry summer.

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