Apollo Bay

On Friday the 26th of April the Year 8’s from Hawkesdale travelled by bus to Apollo Bay. The bus ride took about three hours so we left at 7:30am  from the college. After a few toilet stops we arrived at Apollo Bay P-12 College. We got off the bus and had a walk around the school for a little while then we got to get our wet suits, got changed then got onto the two mini buses provided and travelled the few minutes to the beach. When we got off the bus some Apollo Bay teachers gave us a little talk then we got to grab a surf board and head down to the beach. We went off in two separate groups, boys and girls, and headed out into the water. I caught a few waves kneeling but I didn’t stand up on any. We surfed for about an hour then got back on the mini buses and headed back to Apollo Bay P-12 College. We got changed and had a BBQ lunch then walked around for a little bit longer. After a little while we went into a building to teach the years 7 and 8 of Apollo Bay how to do stuff on their blogs. When we finished that we got back on the bus and went the three hours back to Hawkesdale. We got back at the Hawkesdale College at about 6:30pm.

I liked surfing at Apollo Bay it was really fun. I can’t wait until we go back there for our camp.

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