About Me and my Family

Hi my name is Kirsty. I live on a not very big sheep farm. My Dad looks after the sheep but has his own buisness. He is a contracter. This means that my Dad does jobs for other farmers and get’s paid for it. For example he goes to their paddock and does what job that they can’t do or don’t have time to do.

My Mum mostly stays at home except for Friday and Saturday nights where she works at the local pub. Mum works behind the bar, taking orders, bringing out meals, preparing meals and sometimes when the pub owners go away on their boat my Mum has to look after the pub. She opens the pub and stays there until closing time which sometimes can be very late. She even cooks some meals.

Okay, I have four big brothers. So that means I’m the youngest in my family. My oldest brother is Daniel. He is engaged and his partner is going to have a baby. So I’m going to be an aunty. Dan has had a numerous amount of jobs. He owned his own sprintcar at one stage and he drove it in a race but that costs a lot of money so he sold it. Dan is also a qualified shearer. He shears my Dad’s sheep all the time. He even went in compititions and won a heap for the fastest shearer.

My second oldest brother is Jezza. He is a cabinet maker. He works every day of the week except for weekends, where on Saturday he plays footy for Koriot Saints. Jezza is really, really, really tall. When I was little and I had to go to bed he would put me on his shoulders and carry me to bed. But I had to duck when we went through doors otherwise my head would hit them.

My third oldest brother is Matt. Matt just recently got his P plates. Which means he is aloud to drive without any parents in the passenger seat. So he has been driving to school every day now, but the sad thing is he won’t drive me and Nick too. Matt plays footy too, but he plays for our local footy team, the eagles. Matt plays in the Senior side and he plays in the forward line I think.

My forth oldest brother is Nick. Nick likes to help out on the farm with Dad. He especially likes riding the motorbikes. Nick and I like building cubbies outside in the plantation. We have made numerous cubbies together but they alkways end up getting abandoned for an amount of time. Nick plays footy as well. He plays at the same club as Matt but Nick plays in the Under Sixteen and a half side.


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