Hi, my name is Kirsty

My favourite food is chocolate because I like sucking on it so it melts in my mouth.As well as hot chips because they are nice and warm on cold days at the footy.

My favourite sport is netball because I like to run and shoot goals and I’m really good at it.As well as Tennis because I like serving.

My favourite animal is an elephant because I think the baby elephants are cute.

My favourite colour is hot pink because I wear alot of pink and Blue but I dont really know why I like blue.

My favourite holiday destination is Queensland and Adelaide because I like going to big places with heaps of stuff to do.

My favourite subjects at school are P.E because I love to play sport, art because I like doing clay, maths because I like doing sums, ICT because I like computers and writing because I love to write.

My Hobbies are netball, tennis, colouring, drawing, playing computer games, cleaning my room and running.

My pets are 1 horse, 1 chook, 1 rooster, 4 sheep, about a million birds,  about a million fish, 2 cats, 1 dog and a rabbit.

My favourite things to do with my family are going to the beach and swimming in my pool because I like swimming and making sand castles.

I barrack for the Essendon Bombers in the AFL probly because my mum does .

I am a gun on sports day because I can run fast.

And finally I kind of like school because some things are fun.

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  1. G’day Kirsty,
    Thanks for joining the March 2011 student blogging challenge.

    So you can contact other students and look at their blogs, make sure you keep referring to this page on the challenge blog.

    Also each week starting in March, check out the student challenge blog for the different activities to do – look at ‘Latest challenge posts’ under the map on the right sidebar.

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